Ruby Hill - Sarah Ballance Ok so first thing's first. This is a short story, I believe 54pgs, and VERY fast paced. I have a love hate relationship with short stories. I feel like it's very hard to give the right and necessary amount of information without 1) spending the majority of the story setting the stage and 2) leaving way too many holes in the story. The author did a good job teasing the information, so much so that I would have loved a longer story. I love ghost hunting/paranormal books. Love them. I would have liked this one to be a little more scary, but the author does well with imagery that it had be flipping pages very quickly.

We have Ruby Hill, an abandoned insane asylum. Has there been a greater location for a story? Nope! There have been three deaths since Ruby Hill closed it's doors. All the victims have died similar deaths raising suspicion. Enter Corbin. He is the brother of the most recent victim and a cop. Now we have Ashley, former girlfriend of Corbin, friend of Cash (Corbin's brother), and resident ghost hunter. They come together for one night and what they discover is spooooky! It's a quick, fun, October read! *ARC received in exchange for honest review!*