Switch - Janelle Stalder 3.5 Stars
from pagetrotter.blogspot.com

The story shoots off into action very quickly, like lightening fast. I love dystopian and felt like this was very much in line and true to dystopian. I will say that in the beginning I thought it was for a YA audience, but then the adult side of things came to light. I will say that because the pacing is super fast, some things can lose you and some things don't go in to as much detail as I would've liked. These types of stories require a ridiculous amount of world building and I would have liked to know more of the back story there. That being said, it is a series so maybe more will be revealed as time in the series passes.

The main characters are great! I loved Charlotte/Dinah. She's kickass and strong and everything I love about dystopian females. Pete is hot and perfect for her. The romance is a huge portion of the this book, so die hard dystopian lovers need to keep this in mind. The other characters add an interesting and entertaining flavor.

This is book 1 of the series and she starts off strong. So buckle up, chickens, Janelle Stalder is going to hit the ground running with you. Recommended if you like romance and dystopian. I will be reading the second novel and will be checking out the other series by this author in the future.