Escaping Reality - Lisa Renee Jones from

Ok so this might seem like another book on the FSOG bandwagon, but it's not. Or at least it's so good, you don't care. I have my issues with this book, mainly with Liam, but that's neither here nor there because the mystery in this book is so damn good. I felt paranoid the entire book and suspicious of everyone. Even the dude at Verizon they meet for maybe a second. The author does an excellent job of conveying Amy's anxiety and suspicions of everyone while keeping us on our toes as well since we know hardly anything about Amy.

I would think it's really hard to write a novel in first person and keep the true identity of who she is a mystery. That is some plotting, chica and I salute you! I am a mystery person. Criminal Minds is my shit so immediately I was hooked. It reads very fast and I think it's because you devour it in order to find out what happens. That being said the only thing that felt rushed was the relationship with Liam. Of course, Amy is out of her element with him and I can understand how she fell so fast for two reasons. One, she has no control in her life and doesn't even know how to begin to take control. Then comes this man who takes control without stripping her of her independence and makes her feel safe. How could she not trip over herself? Even though she feels like she's putting him in danger. Even though she knows she might have to leave at any moment. This brings me to my next point. She is one lonely girl. I can't imagine being afraid to make any attachments because you might have to leave at the drop of a hat or your afraid of putting them in danger. She's starving for a connection. Makes me sad. Hang in there, Amy!

Liam. Ooooh, Liam. I was kind of a fan. I was digging you and your tattoo's even though you could be a teensy weensy controlling you were dead sexy and I was into you. But I was suspicious from the get go and someone began overshadowing you a little bit. Not sure if we are doing teams yet, but I think I might be leaning towards sexy neighbor man, Jared Ryan.

Now. I will warn you. There is a cliffhanger. And it's one holy heck of a cliffhanger too. This is a series and I believe book 2, Infinite Possibilities, is expected October of this year soooo YAY! Not tooo long of a wait. Keep this in mind though, peeps! I warned ya! So what's my recommendation? Should you read it? Sure! Give it a go! I'm certainly a fan! *ARC received in exchange for an honest review*