The Collector - Victoria Scott From

I've been watching this book for a while now. It's been all over Twitter, Goodreads, blogs, Facebook, etc...and the main character Dante had quite the following before the book was even released! This made me a little wary of the book. I've been burned before. So color me surprised when the book not only lived up to the hype but surpassed even my expectations.

This was due largely to the most shallow, materialistic, arrogant, elitist, prideful, caring, soulful, sad, lovable, sweet, gentle, character I've come across in a long while. Mr. Dante Walker, Soul Collector Badass! GOOD LAWD! Let's talk about character revolution. I say revolution instead of evolvement because evolvement implies that at least a few of these characteristics were present and just expanded on. But oh ho ho ho noooo! The only people he cared about pre-death was himself and his parents...although I would say he didn't exactly appreciate them so much in life. Or at least not as much as after death. This is why I believe it was a revolution. He rose fromt he ashes my friends. And it was glorious and so damn sad at the same time. It's strange how love can change people. Not only loving someone but having them love you in turn. I believe this is what woke up Dante's soul.

Of course, this goes without saying since this is a MPM feature, but this is entirely from a male POV and my god, I've never been so curious and fascinated by the inner workings of a man before. I think this made the transformation so much more impacting. We get to seem him completely baffled by his involuntary responses to both Charlie and everyone around Charlie, as well as the natural progression of his change.

His thoughts though are so horrifyingly honest and I love the fact that Victoria Scott did not pull an punches on this. In the beginning he is such a douchetastic assmunch. Funny as hell, but still an assmunch. I appreciated him and was entertained by him, but it's who he is by the end of the book that made me love him. Good on you, Ms. Scott!

The language is perfect too. So damn funny and true to Southerners. Being a Georgia Peach, I could totally picture Peachville, Alabama and the people of Peachville. The banter is great, the wit is sharp, the sarcasm droll, the sexy talk was's just awesome.

The other characters are great too! I loved Charlie. I loved Blue and Annabelle. I adore Charlie's Grandma so much. The whole calling Dante a man-child had me snorting with laughter. Matt is the lovable sidekick, although he'd probably hate to be called a sidekick. I just honestly enjoyed this book so much. So why the four star rating, huh?

Well here's why. I would have liked to learn more about how the Soul Collector's inner workings. Only 6 Collector's for the entire world? How does this work? How did he get chosen to become a Collector? How did that process work? Just a shit ton of questions left unanswered But this all might get answered later in the series. And in all honesty, if the author can make me this curious OBVIOUSLY I was interested in the book. I really hate to say anything negative about the book because the good outweighs it by a ton, but I also felt the second half of the book slowed down a little. Again, because this is a series this could have been more of setting up for the next book. There has to be a second book...there has to be consequences for what happened at the end right? RIGHT? OMG RIGHT? (rushed over to author's website to assure self that there is more Dante). Ok, I'm back, and slightly less hysterical than the previous sentence. I know I'm flip-flopping because after every negative comment I immediately explain it away and I guess that's because I'm torn between my love for it and my fairness to y'all.

Would I recommend this? Well, if you just read all this then that answer should be obvious BUT YES!