The Girl in 6E - from

Holy Hell. Holy Effing Hell. This book rocked my brain guys. I literally had no idea how to rate it or what to think. I'm both repelled and completely fascinated by this character. I feel for her and I also want her to be locked up for everyone's safety. My God. I rubbernecked this book. Totally how it should be described because I could not look away even though I wanted to.

Needless to say I was stunned when I finished. I knew I loved it for the sheer fact that I have never been speechless (in a good way) after reading a book. The psychology and depiction of the internet sex operator world is so well researched I want to high five Ms. Torre. Girl, I am so impressed with your dedication. The world she creates is so unlike anything I have ever read. I'm just in complete awe.

Let me try to articulate a little better, lol. We have Deanna aka "Jessica," she has anthropophobia (fear of human interaction) and cruorimania (obsession with murder). So boom already I'm hooked because WTF?! We learn why she has these obsessions and phobia's and its a dark, dark, place Deanna takes us to. Literally being in her head when she fantasizes murder is the single most terrifying and fascinating thing in the world. Then you had in the whole sex operation and it's mind blowing. The interactions with her customers, the way she describes her set up, the way she explains the sexual preferences. Yeah, mind blowing.

The relationships she has with some of her customers, neighbors, and UPS guy are so damn compelling. And the turning point of this book? When we are introduced to RalphMA35 and Annie. I was so shocked and on the edge of my seat for the second half of the book. Compared to the beginning when we are a little shocked and appalled by the monster Deanna portrays herself we find ourselves routing for her as she goes after an even bigger monster. I have to hand it to you Ms. Torre, you wrote one hell of a book. I am hooked on your style. So damn glad I took a chance because this was so fucking good. I have never been tricked by a book before. I can usually predict what was going to happen a mile away, not so with this one. I did not see this coming from a mile away.

Would I recommend it? It would honestly depend on your tastes. I know for a fact a lot of people aren't going to "get" this book. It's incredible dark, the topics are difficult ones, the main character is a bit of an anti-heroine, but if you want to take a chance on something go for it. I will say the ending was a little abrupt for me. I wanted more. I wanted to know a little more about how Deanna was dealing mentally and how, after years of seclusion, she was dealing with being a part of society. Other than that, this book was whoa. So seriously read the sample first and if you are completely turned off then stay away. If you are horrifyingly interested then get it. Try to not read it in one sitting, I dare you.