Prophecy Girl - Cecily White From
ARC received in exchange for honest review!

Ok, I'm doing this review immediately after having read it because so much happened in this book that if I wait a day or two to digest the book (like I normally do) I think all the points I want to make would be lost in the maelstrom that is this book. Let me first begin by saying, ok, yes I was entertained. The action was fast paced, the love story (though a teensy bit trite) wasn't that bad, the evil nemesis was a little unsurprising but I was still on board. In addition, the dialogue was true to the age the author was writing about. All in all this would have been such a solid book and maybe it still is, but for me? The one thing that was tripping me up? Every single thing in this book has been DONE. BEFORE!

Literally catalogue all the YA paranormal story lines out there right. Yes, I mean all of them. All the Armentrout's, Clare's, Cast's, Mead's, probably most obvious would be the Oliver and Hawkins connections. Now. Imagine certain aspects of their ideas put into one book. It's a lot. And it reeks of unoriginality. Normally, this wouldn't have bothered me and it probably won't bother a lot of readers out there. I can totally see the masses gobbling this up. And that's totally ok! But is it wrong of me to kind of wish that there was something original out there? I guess I'm just getting jaded by the one good idea that comes out and then every single person jumping on the gravy train until we are FLOODED with the same thing. Gah! I need to wrap this up because I'm just going to get angry. And an angry Kelsie tends to be an unfair least when it comes to books....

So here's the wrap up:

I still gave this book 3 stars though because it's worthy of it. Maybe even worth another quater of a star because I do recognize this authors talent. It may not take talent to write about something that's already been done, but it does take talent to make it good. And in all freaking honesty, I might end up buying the second one because regardless of that fact that, yes, it is super unoriginal, I did like the characters. I do want to know what happens to them and the writing is good.

And so I am a little unsure as to whether or not to recommend this. I guess all I can say is that if you don't mind reading something unoriginal then go for it! It's a good book. But if you can't stand it then stay away because you should read it to be entertained, not to complain about it when you've been warned ahead of time that you will not like it.