Speaking of Love - Ophelia London Well I can honestly say there wasn't anything I didn't like about this book. Ophelia London has a big fan on her hands. Let me just start by asking what has happened to contemporary romance? I mean, if the main characters aren't whipping each other and tying each other to beds, they are dealing with horrifying pasts and all other heavy shit. I'm not saying that I don't enjoy that from time to time, I'm just saying it's getting harder and harder to find a book that is just good, clean fun. I had a dopey smile on my face the entire time I read this book. It is chick lit at its finest. The only conflict in the entire book is the just misunderstanding and miscommunication and I LOVED IT!!!

I wasn't in tears or having to watch hours of the Office to decompress from a book inspired depression. After reading this book, I hopped in my car, blared some Kelly Clarkson, and got a coffee. Just enjoyed being a girl and in love with a book. It infuses you with happiness. I have a hop in my step and if I don't watch myself, I might turn into a Disney princess and start singing to birds or some shit. We have forgotten what it's like to have a simple love story. If we're being honest with ourselves, our romances are not going to be like half the stuff out there in the literary world, but we could have this. And that's what's so refreshing. It really is like a breath of fresh air after inhaling smog for months.

Mac is hilarious and so honest. Rick is such a sweet guy but still has that grrr factor. Their chemistry is fantastic, the dialogue isn't contrived, the events are believable and the pacing was perfect. Holy crap, this one scene, involving a squirrel had me cracking up. I literally enjoyed this book and my experience reading it. I am riding high and loving it people! Keep an eye out for this author, seriously. I have to say, I am digging everything Entangled Publishing is putting out. They have their fingers on the pulse and they are nailing it. Keep it up!

To Ophelia- Please chain yourself to your computer and write, write, write. I'll send you provisions. That is all.

Go read and be happy! Click on the cover to see it's Goodreads page. I have to go listen to more Kelly now, adios!

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