Revenge of the Girl with the Great Personality - Elizabeth Eulberg From the Page Trotters blog @

YAAY FOR YA!!!! Whelp, we gots us another awesome YA book! Lexi is awesomesauce. She is so me from high school it's not even funny. She's the wallflower, the always a bridesmaid never the bride, the girl with the great personality. Her mother is a looney tunes stage mom and a capital B! Her sister is a spoiled Honey Boo Boo brat, but we like her cause she's only seven. Her best friends kick ass in the friend department. Her dad is a P.O.S. Her crush is crush-worthy...until he isn't. Her nemesis is your typical Regina from Mean Girls. It's all very realistic and well done.

The toddler and tiara's theme was hilarious. I loved it. It felt so well researched I began to wonder HOW Ms. Eulberg actually researched this. Or maybe she was a toddler in a tiara. OR god forbid a stage mom. OR maybe she was Lexi. Lexi is so cool. She's hardworking, laid back, accepting, has an awesome sense of humor, and handles her pretty shit life well. The transformation she goes through blinds her for a second, like most modern day Cinderella's, and then she has her moment when she realizes that people should love you still even if you look like crap. The part where she storms the pageant? Ya that is going down in the books for one the best scenes/ speeches in YA history. I felt like patriotic music should have been playing in the background.

The dialogue was very high schoolish so if you are looking for a mature YA, I would look elsewhere. This is all about life lessons and loving yourself. The best part is that is teaches you something without going all "After School Special" on you. The only thing I wished happened in this book is that things with Taylor got resolved better. I really liked him. He was a good guy and got the short end of the stick. This has an HEA, but not a romantic one. So if you are looking for a romance-y YA, this isn't it either.