A Week to Be Wicked - Tessa Dare You guys, I cut my teeth on Historical Romance, but lately I have strayed into the netherworld of YA and NA and all other genres. Basically, everything BUT Historical Romance. Let me explain why: I am/was a history major. I gots my degree recently (thank you for the congrats ;). As a result, I have a hard time turning off my textbook brain. Some authors take a LOT of liberties when writing Historical Romance which is fine, it's fiction, I get it. Unfortunately, when you mess things up by a century, I will not be able to continue. It's horrifying. At least pretend you tried to research. SMH.

The other reason I've become Historical Romance celibate is that once I started reading contemporaries and met some kickass chicks like Katniss, Rose, and Penryn I found it really hard to trade those girls in for gasping, bosom heaving, proper embroider lovin' ladies. Also, all the heroic alpha males started to induce too many eye rolls. I feared for my eyes, people! So color me surprised when I found this little book while stalking one of my current fav authors bookshelves on Goodreads (What's up, Tellulah!) and saw she gave this book a huge nod. Sooooo four hours later I am writing this because....wait for it....waaaaait for it...ignore the fact I already rated it 5 stars and pretend to be surprised when I tell you that....I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!

YOU GUUUUYSSSSS!!!!!! It was so great!!! I loved them, Team Minerva and Colin FO LIFE!! First off, thank you Tessa for the research! Well done, lady! She even put a note in the back explaining some of the historical significance of events that take place in the book. I learned something from this too which is such a nerdy bonus! Squeeee!!! (I am going to break my exclamation button thanks to Tessa. I blame her and not my hyper personality). Minerva is kickass, Georgian Period style. I lurved it. She was so smart, funny, brave, witty, bookish...and ya I have a girl crush. So what? And Colin. Holy Hand Grenade, please, sir, can I have some more? He. Is. So. Sweet!!! But in a completely masculine way. Swooooooon! I loved that though Minerva is plain, the author doesn't pull the whole Clark Kent thing where one second she's wearing glasses and then the hero takes them off of her and BOOM she's beautiful, who'duh thunk it? Not here peeps. Minerva becomes more and more beautiful to Colin because of her BRAIN and her HEART! God I love these two. They talk dirty to each other...using mathematical terms. I will never look at a rhombus or an annulus the same. Holy. Parabola.

Anyhoo, go read it and get swept away in the adventure of these two. This is now on my favorite and paper boyfriend shelves. And HEY! If you liked this review, check out more of my book rants on my blog pagetrotter.blogspot.com :)