How Hard Can It Be? - Robyn Peterman 3.75 Stars out of 5!

First, I would like to thank Kensington Publishing for the ARC.

Guys, this book is hilarious. Freaking HILARious and not in a totally ironic way. Being totally serious here. I'll explain my reason for giving it a 3.75 rating in a moment, but first what I loved about the book. We have Rena who has run into some issues financially so she decides to write a book because how hard can it be? (See what I did here? I'm a genius). She joins a writers book club because a famous author apparently belongs to it. She attends a meeting and then WHAPOW, the hijinks begin. I literally loved every single character in this book. They are all so funny and gross. I say gross because the book Rena ends up writing to...well...I can't tell you because it would be a major spoiler, but let's just say it's to bring down someone nefariously. Anyways, so she's writing this book and it is literally the most repulsive, disgusting, hilarious thing I've ever read. The book Rena is writing blends in so well with the actual book that I was equally interested in both of them. I have to say I have learned A LOT of new words, all of them horrible, and all of them will be used in the near future.

Now the baddies. This is all opinion based and I know that in this case I tend to be a one-woman wolf pack. I hate insta-love. Detest it. Insta-lust? Ya, I can get behind that because I relate to it every time I see Gerard Butler. Rena and Jack's relationship spans two wks, BUT they are only together for half that. Maybe even half of the half. I just really wish there was more development in their relationship. Also! They have this fight and it is beyond ridiculous and Jack, to borrow a name I learned from this book, is a totally ass-monkey. It is a stupid, stupid reason to end things and honestly? If he didn't do the whole "grand-gesture" apology at the end, I would have been like N'SYNC and said, "Bye, Bye, Bye." But, alas, I am not Rena. Nor am I the writer. I will say that their relationship is so sub-plotted that it really shouldn't matter. I also was a little thrown by the pacing at some points, but I believe that since this is still pre-production all that will be fixed. I also am a little perverse in the sense that I hate tidy endings where everything just works out fantastically and blah blah blah. It works for this book, but I can't help but begrudge it. Just a teeny tiny bit. These are what brought it down, but like I said, personal preferences!

All in all, this book is a perfect example of escapism. Or a breather book. What's a breather book? Well, I'll tell you! It's a book that you read in between reading another book because the other book is overly emotional, slow, or boring. Or you are doing it for school. Or a friend lets you borrow it because she thinks it's the greatest thing ever written and you have to read it because you love her, but holy hell it's boring....but I digress. Either way, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I laughed out loud plenty of times and found myself yelling in horror at some of the gross escapades of Rena's book and her characters. Truly awful, but in a fascinating-what the hell is going to happen next way?!

I'd recommend it if you are looking for something light and funny. Happy reading!!

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