Geek Girl - Holly Smale Calling all YA lovaaahs!!!! Go read this, okthanksbye. I would like to thank Harpercollins for the ARC, it was awesome and so nearly flawless I was surprised it was an ARC.

We meet Harriet, the Geek, the fifteen year old, and the model? I loved this. This girl was awesome. She reminded me so much of myself. The continuous spouting off of random facts, the horrible fashion sense, the interest in all things unpopular. I loved her. We were all her or at least knew her in high school. Or now...whatever don't judge. This book is so sweet. It's such a wonderful coming of age story and I loved the characters. Harriet's dad and Wilbur (that's Wilbur with a bur NOT a iam - book inside joke, don't worry you'll get it.) They are the major comic relief in this book. I adored Toby, Nat and Annabel. I also found myself with a little bit of a crush on the fellow model Nick! I also loved that she lost her way and then found it back again, girl gets caught up in some lies in the pursuit of fitting in, but she finds herself in the end. I also adore the hiding under furniture quirk she has goin' on. I sometimes do that myself. Mostly just to see if I fit. I don't do it anymore though. Hoookay, back to the review before I divulge more weirdo facts about myself.

The dialogue is hilarious. Very British, but done so well I think the humor translates. At least I thought it was funny. I liked seeing a bit of the fashion world and am SO EXCITED this is a trilogy, I can't wait to meet up with everyone again. It's this side of YA that I really miss. Seems nowadays everyone needs to be going through traumatic events and dealing with so many feelings, I really missed old YA where the characters were just trying to find their way, but it was light hearted and lessons about life aren't beating you over the head.. This book was reminded me of early Jennifer Echols, a la Endless Summer.

I would definitely recommend it! It wasn't the best thing I've ever read, but I do believe this is the authors first book. I will be buying the other two. Just fan'd the author on Goodreads and will be stalking her blog for updates. Did I mention I have a little crush on Nick the Lion Boy? You'll see. He's a cutie! ENJOY!!!!

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