The Demon Lover - Juliet Dark, Carol Goodman Holy Gothic Novels, Batman!!! I love a good Gothic novel! Howdy Jane Eyre! They are so overly dramatic and full of prose. The imagery is so awesome in this book. This type of writing tends to be on the more flowery side of things, but even so I still enjoy one ever once and awhile. Ms. Dark does an awesome job of combining Gothic elements with other popular paranormal folklore. It was spooky, eerie, and filled with romance. I loved all the secondary characters and everyone had something to add to the story. They weren't just taking up white space to avoid lagging.

Also, let me say that it was HAWT! Today there seems to be a trend in slamming love scenes down readers throats in great and painful I am not speaking of erotica. I know, I know, it can be confusing (read: Beautiful Bastard review DOH!). This book gave you just the right amount of yummy and left some to be imagined on our own. I feel like in this, Ms. Dark stayed true to the Gothic genre. Alls I gots to say is that I could use a secret dream lovah every now and again ;)

If you are looking for something light, but very entertaining then read this book. It is PERFECT for a cloudy winter day. I was getting ready for bed last night around midnight and thought I would just read a chapter or two to unwind and BOOM I ended up reading the whole thing. I was pleasantly surprised at how enjoyable this was. Going to be keeping a lookout for future books by this author. Well done.

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