Into the Hollow - Karina Halle Awesome, amazing, terrifying, heart breaking, swoon worthy, cold, bloody, beautiful...I really could go on. There was literally nothing wrong with this book. I LOOOOOVE the fact that Karina didn't cop out and immediately have Perry and Dex back together. You know the whole "We have many many issues but since something terrible happened let's just sweep that under the rug and never think about it again until days, weeks, months later when we fight I throw our problems back in our faces" thing, you know? These two characters are RAW and the emotions they have are elemental and real. What happened to both of them is awful. They were awful to each other and they needed to be angry at each other for a little bit before they could forgive. They had to learn to forgive by growing with each other and recognizing the people they've become as a result of what happened in the previous novel.

I'm just so proud of this series. Every book keeps getting better. Karina has an amazing talent of scaring the hell out of me, but also making my heart clench with sympathetic pain for the people in her stories. And she is especially talented at making extraordinary situations realistic. I mean JESUS!!!!! They have NORMAL reactions to this shit. Nothing ticks me off more than someone being like "oh hey I turn into a wolf every now and then no biggie" or "Ya when I'm hungry I'm totes probs gonna go for your vein because I'm thirsty for your DNA babe" and everyones reaction is like "well he's different but I love him/her." Get real. If some dude said any of that I would mace his ass and RUN. ***END RANT**** sorry. haha I jut get really disillusioned by some paranormal/horror stories these days.

Hats off to you Karina my dear! You are an automatic buy for me. I think you are incredibly talented and would never ever want to spend a minute in your mind. I say that with a lotta love. LOL.