The Stillness of You - Julie Bale From

Man I am on a trend here. Stories about mental illness seem to be sprouting up everywhere and I am so happy that the publishing world (or at least the popular fiction world) is delving into issues that are so common, but are sadly often ignored. This is a beautiful story of one girls fight to not be a mental illness stigma. So many things pop up when someone thinks of what it means to be bi-polar and I felt for Georgia's fear of that being her defining feature. Her past is ugly and her present is barely possible, but then Ben walks in and she sees her future, dangling in front of her in the form of a 6'4" pro hockey player. It's terrifying to hope for something so much and know that you might not be strong enough to reach out and fight for it. This story is about their struggle for normal. Or at least the attempt at normal.

The characters in this novel are very real, the emotions are easily transferred to the reader. Matt, Georgia's brother, is so protective and loves her so much it breaks your heart to hear his worry. And he does worry. A lot. All of it is warranted though and we find out why as Georgia's story unfolds. Ben is great. He's hot, sexy, smart, and has his head on straight. In other words, he is every girls dream guy and Lord does he love Georgia. So much. He struggles with his frustration at Georgia's hesitancy to share herself almost throughout the whole book. It's understandable. And his reaction to hearing her story is honest. Georgia's pain and fear is probably what captivates readers most in this book. She's terrified of becoming her mother and haunted by what she did in her past. She's struggling and she's very early on in the recovery process.

I'm very excited to see how their story progresses. Thankfully the second book will be out soon so we don't have to wait too long. I am really looking forward to watching Georgia fight for a life she desperately wants and so rightly deserves. I would whole heartedly recommend this book. Looking forward to the next one!