Going Nowhere excerpt #1

Going Nowhere is getting it's final edits done and heading into formatting and because I'm super excited I wanted to share a first look at it! Still in editing so any errors will be fixed! Thanks peeps!  


Here's the synopsis (subject to change): 


My name is Marisol Claire Finnegan. I know the basic stats of my life. Birthdate, who my parents are, etc... but beyond that I'm as much in the dark as you are. See, I just graduated. I've got my master's, I just don't know what the hell to do with it. I'm broke, jobless, highly educated, and going nowhere. 

After months of pimping myself out via resume, I'm moving home. With my parents. At 24. This is not where I saw myself when I began school. This is not where I saw myself....ever. 

When I went to Shenanigan's Bar, I never expected Jason or the people he brought into my life. I never expected any of this. I'm not sure if I'm ready to know who I am, but I don't think life is going to wait for me to catch up. Reality hits you hard, bro. I'm just glad I can take a hit.




“Seems your mood improved since the last time you were here.” Holy hell that voice: deep, sexy, I’m-probably-amazing-at-phone-sex voice and I froze.


I don’t even think I breathed. Goddammit! I yelled at myself, would it have killed you to at least wash your face today Mari?! How about putting on a damn bra?! I blew out a breath and looked up at him.


“Hello, Bartender” I murmured. Damn he was hot. How had I not noticed this before? I mean, yeah, his hands were sexy. All long fingered and capable, but how in the world could I have not seen his beautiful face.


Bright green eyes stared at me, crinkled in amusement so I could see those damn adorable laugh lines, under black eyebrows. His black hair was a little on the longish side, but styled so it didn’t make him look like a bum. He was tall, at least a couple inches over six feet, and broad shouldered. Currently he was leaning against the wall with his much admired hands tucked into his front pockets smirking at me. I stared as he unleashed his model pose on me. Would wonders never cease? I was never going outside again looking like this.


“Hello, Crazy Customer.” I amused him, I could tell. I’m not crazy, jerk wad. I’m having a crisis. Where the hell was my stupid license? “I didn’t think I’d see you again.” He continued and I could literally feel texting waitress glaring at me.


“Yes I’m sure that kept you awake at night. Where or where did that psychotic, over-sharer go?” I mumbled. I swear if I didn’t find- “Hey!” I yelled as he grabbed the bin of identities away from me. “Give that back, turd!”


He froze for a second, completely not expecting me to yell or call him a turd I guess. Then he burst out laughing. Laughing so hard he bent forward grabbing his stomach and tipping over the bin with all my preciouses falling on the floor. I felt a little like Gollum in that moment.


 “Ugh now look what you did, this is going to take forever!” I crossed my arms petulantly. I knew that I was living up to my given moniker by him, but I couldn’t help it, he brought this out of me. He wiped his eyes and sucked in a deep breath.


“You’re not going to find your license in there.” He said when he caught his breath.


“Oh really? And why is that?” I glared. One side of his mouth kicked up and he reached into his back pocket, pulling out his wallet. My eyes widened and I sucked in a breath. “It’s in your wallet?”


“Yep.” He smiled as he pulled it out and showed me.




“Because I wanted to make sure that I was the one to give it to you?” He smiled again, this time a little bit of a blush tinged his cheeks. Goddammit, he was adorable.


“Are you for real?” I was shocked.


I mean hello, look at me, and I don’t mean just physically, I mean in every aspect of my life I was a mess. He just laughed again and nodded.


“Listen I don’t know what you are expecting, but as you have correctly ascertained, I am a bit crazy right now and while I’m sure that this is probably the most flattering thing to ever happen to me and you’re probably crazy for doing it, I really don’t want anything else complicating my life right now.” I looked over at the waitress chick that was looking at me like she would like nothing more than to kick my ass. I turned back to Bartender who was looking at me a little shocked. “Sorry.” I mumbled.


I felt horrible: one because he looked like I grew another head and two because he hasn’t confirmed or denied what I said. Way to jump to conclusions, Mari, you can go die now. “I’ll just go.” And practically ran out of the car. Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit I chanted as I frantically searched for my keys.


I had just unlocked my car when I heard him yell my name. I froze, my heart beating out of my chest. I glared up at the sky, expressing my displeasure with the game the Big Guy was playing with my life and turned around.


“Marisol! Wait up!” He called jogging up to me, coming to a stop really close to me. Backing up a little, I bumped into my car.


“Listen, I’m sorry I jumped to conclusions. Can I just get my license and go die somewhere alone?” I said miserably, avoiding eye contact.


“Stop for a second. I wasn’t trying to ask you out.” And then he laughed and I swear I died a thousand deaths. Of course Marisol, of course he wasn’t asking you out, I mean look at him!


“Whoa wait, I can actually read that thought process on your face. That’s not it at all, I mean you’re very, you know, you’re-“ He stuttered at me. I held up a hand to stop the pity compliment.


“What do you want, Bartender?” I barked, staring him down now. Anger does wonders for nerves.


“My name’s Jason.” He practically growled at me. A stupid, sexy, frustrated growl that made my lower half tighten. I sigh and waved a hand, telling him to continue.


“I know this is going to be sound weird and presumptuous, but my sister needs someone to help out with my nephew during the week. She has to start traveling for her job and his dad’s out of the picture. I would help, but I work full time and even though I help out while I can, it’s not enough. I can’t be there all the time.”


“I’m a complete stranger, what kind of uncle wants a complete, admittedly crazy, stranger watching their nephew?!” I asked incredulously.


“I know this is unorthodox, but you said yourself you don’t have a job and I just thought that maybe you’d like some money while you’re figuring things out. Besides, you don’t look like an insane baby snatcher or whatever. Also, you would meet with her first and have a bit on an interview first so don’t think I just ask anyone. And…” He stops for a second and his throat works as if he’s embarrassed about what he’s about to say. I cock my head to the side, curious now. “…if I’m being honest, there is something about you. Call it what you want, but I know you’re a good person.”


I stared at him. Was he for real? Before I could say anything he continued, “You don’t have to answer me now, I wrote my number on a post-it note and if you’re serious give me a call and I’ll put you in touch with my sister.” He held out my license with a post-it note on it.


I took it and stared at him dumbly. I seriously could not believe this. He looked at me a moment longer and then patted my shoulder. Literally gave me a “good job champ” pat on the shoulder and with a wave and an “I’ll see yeah later!” Jason trotted back to the bar. I got in my car and just stared at his number. I closed my eyes and banged my head on the steering wheel.


How embarrassing.


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