Only Between Us

Only Between Us - Mila Ferrera From

Awwww, man! This book broke my heart. Caleb is such a beautiful person inside and out. I really felt for him and understood his struggle between Romy and the other side of his life. My God, what a position to be in. And if his mother was a real person I would slap the SHIT out of her. His older sister is a brat for most of the book, but when she learns the ugly truth she turns around so I forgive her for making my Caleb's life harder.

I love Romy. She's damaged too and working on getting her life back. She gains more control of her life by being there for Caleb and letting Caleb be there for her. There are a lot of social issues in this book, a lot of trauma to our characters, but this is literally the best representation of the effects of abuse and the healing afterwards I've ever read. It's so true. The frustration with the victim is something that is usually overlooked. Most authors haven't delved into what happens to the people who love and care for the victim. In some ways they can hurt as bad, but in different ways. Caleb's case is a perfect example.

This is a beautifully well written story. Did I cry? Well, yes, this book touched me. Caleb touched me. I've never wanted to hug and protect a character this much before. Gah, I just love him. The subject matter can be tough to read, but it is so well done. So would I recommend this? Definitely. I'm totally a fan of this author now. Absolutely fantastic!