Fear of Falling

Fear of Falling - S.L. Jennings 3.5 Stars
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Ok, wow. This was some heavy shit. Kami is a victim of all kinds of abuse from a very early age. She is consumed by fear and is barely holding on. If it wasn't for her best friends Dom and Angel she would have let go a long time ago. They are a very close trio, especially Dom and Kami. They associate love and affection with abuse, but they are slowly teaching each other that you can love someone without cruelty. Their relationship is beautiful and if I'm honest I wanted to see waaaay more of it in the book. I say this because considering how influential and present they are in her life, it would make sense for them to be a stronger presence in the book. I'm always fascinated by very close M/F friendships like this (ie- Bianca and Stephan a la the Up in the Air series - amazeballs btw).

What can I say about Blaine? You, sir, deserve a plaque or a medal or something because you are one brave sonofabitch. You took on Kami and you fought and fought and fought. Even when she spat at you in the face, you still only showed her love and affection. He's a beautiful man in more ways than his physical appearance.

Ok so why the 3.5? I'm sure the author struggled with how much time in the book she should dedicate to Kami's abuse and dealing with it. I actually would have liked to see her healing process a little more. I think we get one therapy session? I think. Anyways, as we begin to care for Kami we want her to be better, to be able to love and let love in and then the shit that goes down in the last half of the book is pretty devastating. She "kind of" takes it in stride and while the author knows her characters best, I was kind of shocked by this because considering everything that happened within the time frame of the book I would have thought it would have had a bit more affect (effect? argh grammar). She was pretty vulnerable because of her feels for Blaine, she had opened herself up a bit and then BOOM. I don't know, I would have liked to see the healing process there. I also felt maybe the relationship with Blaine, while very hot, could have been a little more developed. It was a little insta-love. Maybe that's not how it's meant, but that's how I saw it and y'all should know how I feel about it by now :/

All in all this is a fantastic book. I wanted a bit more from the characters and their character development. The author handles the subject of abuse very delicately so I definitely commend her for that. I hope she plans on writing Dom's story because I reallllllyyyyyy want it. Would I recommend this? Yes, so long as you have a stomach for the abuse. The author put a warning in her blurb so please read that first. This isn't a lovey dovey romance even though Blaine is pretty swoonworthy. Happy reading!!