The Ballad (The Bridge, #1) - Ashley Pullo From

Holy crap this book is so different and full of AWESOME!! First of all, she writes the story backwards. How cool is that? It begins with the characters being married with kids and its Chloe's 35th bday. Every chapter is a pivotal moment in their relationship in descending order. I devoured this. I loved this. Girl, you are a genius.

The author says that she wanted to write this like a ballad and she did. It reads like a song. The writing is so fluid and lyrical. Le sigh, I am envious. It's like some awesome montage of these characters lives together set to a Tears for Fears song and I. Can't. Even. Seriously, this is a diamond in the rough! I had to add the damn book to Goodreads so I could post this review there! No joke! I am calling this right now. People are going to lose their shit over this book and I can't wait to be all na-na-na-boo-boo I'm one of the first! Humble brags galore. Prepare yourselves.

This is a day later digest and I still am fangirling incoherently. Ugh. What else can I say? Chloe is so fun. She's passionate and embraces her feelings. She courageous, real and so full of life. Adam is intense. He feels without showing anything. His love for Chloe is never in question because of the quiet intensity in his eyes when he looks at her, with the gentle fierceness when he touches her, and the immovable amount of support he gives her. I mean, the dude is turning me into some kind of poet or at least makes me want to be all poetic. He kind of reminds me of Darcy but with a hot scar. Random comparison of the day :)

The realism of this book is astonishing. Pullo covers a lot of issues that are very common in relationships, especially relationships that are long term and she doesn't sugar coat it. This is such a breath of fresh air compared to the fantastical relationships that are out there right now. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy those too, but there is something about reading a novel filled with people who you can relate to and learn from. I totally got a high after reading this. I called my friend and gushed over it from a solid hour. I love coming across books that are different. It excites me because it opens doors for other authors who want to take chances too.

Also. I know this is such a minute detail to love, but I do and I need to share it because I have never found anyone who agrees with me. They both hate Green Day. I loathe Green Day. I swear when I read this I sighed and fell in love with them both. As a ridiculous music fan (I live and breathe it every single minute of every day) I loved all the music in this book. Chloe has my dream job. I envy you, fictional character, I envy your life. Grrr.

I don't know what else to say. If I continued, my coherency would just continue to go south. So first I have to give a shout out to Fifty5 Cent Book blog for popping up in my news feed with this link. Next I would like to tell all of you to go read this. Now. It's FREE on Amazon so even if you don't like it, it's freaking free. Go pimp this book out, Trotters! I want this author's mind to get blown with awesome feedback. Remember us when you're famous, Ashley Pullo!