Lifeless (Lifeless, #1)

Lifeless (Lifeless, #1) - J.M. LaRocca from

3.75 stars!!

I'm still on the fence with the rating on this one because all of the problems I have with book will probably be solved since it is a series. I reserve the right to change after book 2 LOL! Stuff I had a problem with: I felt like the relationship progressed very fast. The author fast forwarded the relationship a month without really showing any of it which is ok but since the relationship is heavily based on sex, I feel like an actual relationship should be more established in order to save it from becoming more erotica than romance. Overall it felt very rushed, I kept watching my progress on the Kindle and getting anxious when I saw how far I had gotten and nothing was resolved. This is a compliment to the author for sure. Also I didn't know it was a series when I read it so I've calmed down now lmao.

Other than that, I am really intrigued by the mystery surrounding Kade. He's pretty much the typical bad boy rocker with major issues, but I think what sets him apart is the stuff surrounding who he really is and his past. He throws a lot of bullshit around and what I really love about it is that Scarlett doesn't take any of his shit. This story could have gone in another direction if Scarlett wasn't such a strong presence. She's not a weak willed milksop that when faced with an alpha male completely bends to his every demand. She stands up to him and calls him out on his shit.

Jules is a solid best friend. I feel like authors are making the best friends crazier (read-slutty) and more outspoken with every book written because they need to be the ying to the heroine's conservative/virginal/studious/whatever yang. But Jules was a perfect balance of outrageous and intelligent woman. She had fun when the time called for it, but was also there for Scarlett when the shit hit the fan. I'm actually really interested in her story line with Brent as well! Looking forward to more of her in the next installment!

There's a lot going on in this book, but it never really gets overwhelming and the author gives you just enough teasing about who Kade really is to make you flip through the pages. All in all a very solid read. The fact that it is a series saves this from a lower score. There is a cliffhanger FYI, but its not one that has me gasping and chucking my Kindle across the room. If you like rocker romance with a realistic heroine and mystery than yes I recommend it. If you are trying to avoid series than obviously avoid it.