Now or Never

Now or Never - A.J. Bennett Hated the heroine. Hated the hero. At one point I was actually cheering when they "broke up." We know nothing about the hero except that he's a green beret. Heroine was in an abusive relationship for years, but bounces back and has sex the. day. after. she leaves the douche because that's in character for an abuse victim. Also "in character" for an abuse victim is all the rough sex between the hero and herself and she has no problems with it. Actually correction, I think when he chokes her she's like "hey stop, that bothers me because of before waaaah." I just think that for someone who was in an abusive relationship for three years your damage would go beyond saying you might never get in a committed relationship ever again and having an issue one time during the numerous rough sex scenes.

Her sister is annoying as fuuuuuck. Everyone in this story sleeps around for revenge or whatever excuse they use that day. Including a married dude and when our heroine finds out she's like "it's ok, I'm emotionally unavailable anyways!" to which I reply "is that why you are chasing after our hero like a desperate nutbag? because you're unavailable? riiiiiight." There were actually times I cringed at her begging and pleading. Ugh, shivers. And the guy is SO AMBIVALENT the entire time they are together and all of a sudden he's like "i love you." Come ON! I returned it immediately after reading the professing of love scene because my gag reflex started kicking in. Oh and apparently she has psychic abilities that tell her when someone she cares about is in danger or hurt. yawn.

That was probably a spoiler, but honestly if you make it that far I'd be surprised if you cared. Unfortunately, I couldn't stand the characters so much that it blinded me to any writing technique the author might possess. If you take this book on, good luck to you! I would suggest buckling up because your shit is about to get rocked and not in a good way!