Neanderthal Seeks Human: A Smart Romance (Knitting in the City, #1)

Neanderthal Seeks Human: A Smart Romance  - Penny Reid


Man, I am on a ROLL with books lately! Just finished this gem and holy hell I loved it. I think Janie is my hero. I have a crush on her brain! And let me tell you, this chick has a big one. It's about time that smart became sexy in the fiction world! I've read a few novels where the men are considered "nerdy" and the ladies are referred to as intelligent but the proof of this is only mentioned in passing. Janie's brain is so integral to the story that her trivia rants should basically be considered another character.

And oh how I relate to this! I may not be Einstein or have a photographic memory, but I am a trivia nut. Who, like Janie, spouts off facts when nervous. It's verbal trivia diarrhea. She's also one of the most oblivious people I have ever met, fictional or otherwise. There were so many times that I wanted to grab her and shake her. How could she be so dumb about something's and a genius about others?!

I think this was pretty genius on Ms. Reid's part because while we are living the ADD thoughts of Janie Morris we are able to experience the frustrations of people around her. Especially Quinn. I have literally never been so endeared by a character before. He is so baffled by Janie. His attraction to her is like a rubbernecker in a sense. You know you probably shouldn't stare, but it's just so damn interesting you can't turn away. Like a train wreck.

He's so patient as well and God love him for that. Although Quinn isn't really one to express his feels and we don't have any Quinn POVs, his intentions read very clearly. I love that when she gets nervous and begins her "factversation" (new word!) he listens to her and encourages her. He doesn't embarrass her or shut her up. I just swoon for him.

I just...I just freaking love them together. They remind me of Bridget Jones and Darcy. It's so awkward when they interact but so dang cute too. There's so much meat to this story, the layers go beyond just the relationship aspect. We've got intrigue, crazy siblings, growing pains (emotionally), suspense, danger, and lessons in friendship.

Speaking of friendship. The knitting club. Can I just say that I adore her friends? All of them. I would love stories for all of them (hint, hint ;). The secondary characters really round out an awesome cast of people. It's hard to find book so close to perfect. I know I shouldn't throw that world around lightly because this industry is so subjective, but for me this book was perfect. So thanks, Penny Reid! Can't wait for your next one!

Would I recommend this? See above LOL.