Bad Things (Tristan & Danika, #1)

Bad Things (Tristan & Danika, #1) - R.K. Lilley from

The Up In the Air series was one of my greatest finds. It was everything that Fifty Shades and all those others should have been. It was well written, the characters were strong, realistic and developed, and the story line was fantastic. So when I heard that the series would continue with Danika and Tristan's story, I was over the moon. We got a glimpse of them in book 3 of the Up In the Air series and I was so curious about them. Especially about Danika and her limp. How the HECK did that happen? And James' little hint that it had something to do with Tristan? Yeah, I was salivating for their story.

Then I saw that it would be a three-part series and I was a little miffed. I can't stand cliff hangers BUT then I remembered that this was R.K. Lilley and she never lets me down. She also doesn't screw her readers with unnecessary cliffhangers so we will continue with the next book. Nope, we continue to read because we come to care for her characters and are interested in their story. So I delved in, feet first and was blown away by these two.

I love Danika. She is kick ass, funny, smart, and caring. She also knows how to handle Tristan which is honestly, the best part of the book. Their interactions are filled with humor and off the charts sexual tension. Let me tell you, many people can write a hot sex scene, but Lilley makes it an art form. It's descriptive and hot without crossing over into porn. And they're filled with feeling without any eye roll inducing moments. Do you guys get that I have a bit of a reader crush on this author? Cause I do. So, ok, we have Danika and we get glimpses into her past which is filled with dark moments and she has a younger sister that she carries around a lot of guilt for. We don't know where she is, but I'm guessing we will see her in the future.

Then we have Tristan who is probably right up there with James for me at this point. And this is only the first book so who knows? Maybe he will be my numero uno by the time I finish the second book. Sorry Mr. Cavendish, but Tristan is hilarious, sexy, strong, smart, caring AND hot in the bedroom in a way that I can definitely get behind. He has a crazy ass mother and a lovable brother. His love for his friends and family is probably the most beautiful thing about him. And he cares about Danika and for the first time he puts a woman before sex. He recognizes that she is more than a one night stand and to sleep with her would ruin their connection because he doesn't know how to do anything else. So they agree to stay friends.

That works....for like a minute. The more they come to care for each other the harder it is to mask it. Jealousy, insecurities and desire comes into play and breaks their resolve and so begins the growing pains of a relationship involving two people who make a mess out of relationships. Tristan doesn't believe in them and doesn't trust love and Danika is so terrified of being alone that she jumps from relationship to relationship convincing herself that she's in love with these guys. They don't trust each other, at least not all the way and combined with their issues, it makes for a bumpy road. There's also heart ache that comes from other people which brings on the tears. So have some tissue ready!

Would I recommend this? Um, holy Hell yes. I heading for a reread after I post this. Can it be read alone or do I need to read the first three Up In the Air books? It can be read alone, but I recommend reading the others at some point. Maybe while we're waiting for book 2 of Danika and Tristan's story?