Both Sides of the Portal

Both Sides of the Portal - Craig Askham From

Let me start by saying that I am always impressed when authors are able to not only write a short story, but make it good! I find it incredible that Mr. Askham was able to pace an entire plot from beginning to end in 44pgs. I can be skittish of short stories because I usually feel like the story gets cut off at the knees but I felt like I got the entire picture. But I also felt like if the author wanted to, he could continue with these characters.

I liked that although it was fantasy the characters come across as very tangible and easy to connect with which considering that the story is set in a fantasy world is awesome. I loved the dialogue, I never felt rushed from the pace (again. incredible since it's 40 some odd pages), there is a connection with characters despite the lack of backstory, and the action is described with such precision that it is easily imagined.

It reads kind of like a video game? If that makes any sense. Anyone who has ever played quest games could relate I think. I saw another reviewer has mentioned this so I think I'm on track with this, but it honestly reads like you're doing a level on an online RPG hahahaha!

All in all a short, entertaining read. Not my usual cup of tea, but it's refreshing to read a science fic book that is not beleaguered with long winded prose and countless rehashing- so major points there. I do believe that this book has incredible potential for a series. ARC in exchange for an honest review.