Tangled - Emma Chase From pagetrotter.blogspot.com

Um, holy freaking hell, I loved this book. What a breath of fresh air. Emma Chase knows how to write from a Male POV; seriously, this is the best Male POV I've ever read written by a female author. My God, Woman, where have you been hiding?!!! Think Tara Sivec meets Alice Clayton meets Susan Elizabeth Phillips meets Judd Apatow a la Knocked Up. I know that's a weird combo, but trust me it works.

Let's talk about what I keep referring to as the "voice over" moments. Genius. We have these moments in the book where the narrator "pauses" the scene and speaks directly to the reader. It's hilarious and makes the reading experience a whole lot more intimate. It was a different idea and it worked really well. The entire book kind of read like a movie and it really reminded me of "What Women Want," more for the tone though, not the content.

Drew is an honest character. He doesn't mince words, and those words tend to be a little vulgar, but it works for him and lends a kind of authenticity to his character. He is a self-professed womanizer and loves his life, but then he meets Kate and everything he though he knew about woman blows up in his face. I loved them both. Kate is awesome, she doesn't take his shit. She's a total ball buster, but unlike a lot of ball buster's out there she still has this femininity about her. I loved when she handed him his ass and his inner dialogue during these moments cracked me up. I was sighing and laughing throughout the entire book. Holy crap, his thoughts about his sister had me dying. I loved it. The secondary characters are fantastic and I hope we see more of them (*cough* book 2? *cough*).

It's not often I read every single world of inner dialogue, but this time I did. I savored and obsessively checked my Kindle progress wanting it to last forever. Drew is not your average book boyfriend. He fucks up a lot and he knows it. He is a bit of an asshole. His arrogance isn't charming and he falls hard and not gracefully, not only learning a lot about love and women, but about himself too. I know that sounds super cheesy, but it's not. I promise you. I called this the next Wallbanger (mostly because of the humor) and I think it's because this author is about to have some major success. I am blown away by this author's debut novel. I cannot tell you how excited I was to stumble on this and find an awesome new author. I legit cannot find a bad thing about this book. Emma Chase is the one to watch, I'm calling it right now!