Girls Love Travis Walker

Girls Love Travis Walker - Anne Pfeffer from

Travis Walker is everything your parents want for you, they just don't know it yet. This story deals with a lot of social issues, mainly homelessness and mental illness. Please, do not let this scare you off. It is such a wonderful story and the only tears I full on cried were happy tears. (I did tear up at some sad parts). Travis is one of the most beautiful souls I have ever read about. He literally gives the shirt off his back to help people (which is totes ok since he is ripped) even though he doesn't have much clothes to spare. He is starving for recognition for his efforts and help, but he just cannot ask for it.

His mom's health is falling apart and they are about to lose their apartment so Travis has to drop out of school in order to work two jobs to earn them money and food. Then one day he witnesses an accident. He jumps right in to help and when the firefighters show up, Trav's destiny hits him in the face. He joins the Discoveries program with the local fire station where he meets some pretty awesome men who become major role models for him. He also excels here and when he talks about getting praised, its a little hard not to get choked up.

Travis also meets Zoey. At first, we think Travis will end up with her best frenemy Kat, but when Travis starts working at the soup kitchen in exchange for meals he spends a lot of time with Zo and ends up falling in love with her. Their love story is a sweet one, but don't be fooled. Travis is sexy as hell and as sweet as he maybe be, dude also brings the FIRE! Whew *fans self* there are some moments here that are just so dang hot. Travis keeps a lot of his problems a secret from Zo because, well, he's just embarrassed and he doesn't want to ruin his chances with her. Take a guess how well that works out. It's a boy POV so you will find yourself yelling, "What are you doing, you idiot boy?! Just tell her, it'll be fine! Stupid male pride!"

The writing is beautiful, the story is just so wonderful I can't even express it. Please go buy this book and fall in love with Travis. You really won't be disappointed. Travis holds a special place in my heart. While all the other guys are paper boyfriends, I think Travis might be a paper husband. *sigh*