Walking Disaster (Beautiful, #2)

Walking Disaster (Beautiful, #2) - Jamie McGuire From pagetrotter.blogspot.com

Ah, Travis Maddox. You sexy quasi-psycho, let me love you! Well let me just start by saying I was one lucky duck to get an ARC of WD from Netgalley. This book. Oh man, lemme just say that I love Travis. Like a lot. I loved him in BD, although I did get a little (ok a LOT) annoyed by his mood swings and his clingy-ness. In this book, we get inside his head. And man does he make a lot of sense now. The damn prologue had me tearing up! I just really love every single Maddox. I really hope Jamie is thinking about writing all of their books, I really want to see more of them. Especially Trent and Thomas.

We get to see all those moments during the break up too and girls...brace yourselves. It's sad times. Gah. He also has this thing with opening doors. Its so flippin sweet I just had a dopey smile on my face while reading it. And maybe I petted my kindle a few times. Don't judge me.

The worst part of this book, if you can even imagine there being one, is the fact that we know what's coming. We know how hurt he's going to be and you literally DRED when it comes because good God do we come to care for this fucked up, broken man. I just want to cuddle him so hard. He doesn't hold back on his feelings, at all. It's tough to read about his pain. It was tough reading about his pain in freaking BD!!!! Now imagine being in his head!

We also see how completely baffled he is by his Pigeon. How he feels for her, how she feels for him, how she acts...all of her. Because if you were annoyed by her in BD, buckle up kiddies, she is going to piss you off even more. And it is solely based on the fact that you love Travis. You want to protect him from the pain so much that you start to give the stink eye every time Abby comes into the picture. You forgive her though because she loves him just as much as we do.

And for those of you that think this is just going to be a complete recap of BD just from Travis's POV, you are wrooooooong!!!!! There are moments that are in BD, but there is also a lot of stuff we didn't get to see. Extended marriage scene for one!! Also the stuff that is repeated is the important parts, the parts we want repeated because we were all dying to know what was going on in Travis's head anyways.

Finally, I give you one. word. EPILOGUE!!!!!! You guys, Jamie gave us an epilogue!!!! OMG!!! It is amazing. So, so amazing. I'm not giving anything away, just know that it literally makes the entire book.

You won't be disappointed. It's everything we wanted and everything we didn't know we wanted. You know what your getting when you read a Jamie McGuire book, so I don't think I have to continue gushing about it. I also don't want to give a lot of away because well, I'm legally obligated bahahaha, but also I just don't want to ruin it for anyone. We've all been waiting so long for this book and to spoil it would be so damn mean. Just know that it doesn't disappoint. Jamie! If you are reading this, please let us know if there will be more Maddox books! Specifically Thomas and Trent, although I would like all of them because I'm a greedy bitch haha!