Fighting for Flight (Fighting, #1)

Fighting for Flight - J.B. Salsbury Ok, who doesn't love a super hot MMA fighter who goes Alpha when necessary but it also super freaking sweet? Mothing Effing SIGH! That's Jonah, my friends. He is almost the perfect specimen. Our music tastes clashed. Anyway, we have badass Jonah "The Assassin" Slade (hot ass name btw) and Raven Moretti. Raven is one cool chick. She has good taste in music, she can take a part and rebuild an entire car, and she is surprisingly well adjusted considering her upbringing. Because OH! Her mom is a prostitue and OH! Her dad is a psychotic pimp. Let me tell you, this girl? Ya, she got dealt a shitastic hand (like my Vegas pun?). Somehow she has maintained a certain amount of innocence despite her roots, but at the same time she doesn't take shit and she is wise beyond her years. The dichotomy is actually pretty interesting and handled well.

The group of secondary's are pretty awesome. Her best friend is a little messed up emotionally and a couple times I wanted to shake her and shove her into my car where I would then drop her off at a therapist BUT that is neither here nor there. I really hope we get a book for her. Then there is Blake. OH dear potty mouth Blake. You are the definition of a player. The thing is he doesn't even hide it. He is so honest about his Lothario ways and girls still fall on their backs. That is a testament to his hotness. Underneath the playboy exterior, we do get a glimpse of a dark side. He also is extremely loyal and has a moral compass when it comes to mistreatment of women and children. (ie-how he reacts to Raven's plight). There are more of these MMA guys too which is just gah, thank you God for my vivid imagination.

The pacing was really well done, it hardly if ever lagged. The sex scenes were steamy, the dialogue was witty and fun, the obstacles for the characters were gripping, and the bad dudes were yucko evil. I officially hate Candy's everywhere. (unless you are reading this and your name is Candy and you are not an evil stripper, then in that case Hello! You are an exception! I love you!).

Anyhoo, this book is a solid romance. I recommend it and I will most definitley be buying book 2...WHICH IS BLAKE'S BOOK!!!! *insert fangirl squeal here* Go buy it and leave a comment with you thoughts below! Byeeeeee!