Keeping Never (Never Say Never, #3)

Keeping Never (Never Say Never, #3) - C.M. Stunich I need a hug, give me a virtual one my friends!!! Buckle up, put your big girl/boy panties/boxers on, get yo' tissues, I recommend some chocolate, maybe have a budddy read, and find a quiet place where life can take a back seat because this requires your undivided attention. Let's go!

We pick up right where we left, all of us in a ball of anxiety. Never is struggling with telling Ty that she's pregnant and they are going to announce their engagement when Ty receives a phone call. Thus, beginning the tortured tale of Ty's life up until he met Never. I swear to you, I have never been so riveted to a book before. I have Kindle marks on my face from holding it so close. I read every single word of this book. Did not skip a one. THAT should tell you something about this series. How many of us skim parts of a book, mostly the inner dialogue? Come on, raise your guilty hands! I'm a major offender of this. Not so here, literally every word was so integral to the experience of us reading this book and the experience of the characters that we would miss out if we skimmed. And when Ty began his story I wish to God I had a buddy while reading this book because I had to take breaks and process the feels. ALL OF THE FEELS!!!!! I honestly didn't think my heart could break more, but C.M. Stunich took a sledge hammer and smashed the pieces that were left. I both hate and love this woman. I don't want to go into too much detail, but we see a lot of Ty's life here. We see where he sold himself, we meet on of his female johns (jane's?), we see the horrific house where horrible things happen to him and we see his absolute terror of sharing this part of himself with his other half. Because truly they're were no other people in this world who were more perfectly created for each other than Never and Ty.

There is so much forgiveness and rising from the ashes in this final installment my tattered heart was filled to the brim with happiness. The story ends and it is tough, ugly, but hopeful. I'm so proud of these two! We're left knowing that they'll land on their feet no matter what happens, how can they not? We know that baby McCabe will probably be the most loved child with the best parents ever! And we know that Ty and Never will be together forever, it won't be easy or pretty, but it will be honest. And that's all we can ask.

I will say, I am not done with the Regali family. Oh no, no, no I am salivating for more. I want the Regali Sister's saga. And I want Noah's story. I love him so much. I really do. He is just so dang sweet! Gah, anyways, Ms. Stunich please get on that ASAP. Thanks, from all of your fans!

I'll leave you guys with a mini teaser! Go read, lovies!!! Mama wants to know your thoughts below!

"'I love you so fucking much,' he whispers and his voice is nearly lost in the roar of traffic and the hustle and bustle of the city. I say nearly because I will always hear Tyson Monroe McCabe. Whether it's a whisper, a scream, no matter what Ty says, I will always hear him. After all, we're too tangled now to be separated and love, love is a loud thing. It sings for all the world to hear and doesn't care who's listening."