Waiting for You

Waiting for You - Shey Stahl Peeps, there is nothing I love more than a road trip romance, except maybe a best friend romance and wouldn't you just know? This book has BOTH aspects. Granted, they were best friends when they were young, but who cares? Semantics!

These two people, Dylan and Bailey, have an intense love. It destroyed me how much they loved each other. Dylan, you volatile hot man you, I hope one day some guy loves me that much. There were a few moments that I wanted to haul off and hit you, but you were forgiven in the end. The fact that he is a musician added that much more sex appeal. Dear LORD, there is this one scene where he sings The Framing Hanley version of Lollipop that is so effing HAWT that I had to fan myself with my kindle. Just so you can imagine a hot, iced blue eyed, tattooed badass singing this song listen to it. Hot damn! Seriously, play this song right now while you are reading this. It sets the mood. And he loves Bailey so much it consumes him. He is LOVE for Bailey. He eat, sleeps, bathes, breathes, moves for her. You know what? I'll let him explain how he feels for his "Brown Eyes." He is my new Book Boyfriend (BBF).

"I wanted her and only her. I wanted to be a part of her storm. I wanted to feel my pulse against hers. I wanted the bitter on her sweet tongue. I wanted the sadness in her sweet syrup eyes. I wanted the silence in her screaming mind and the enigma that is really quite simple-a complicated happiness. I wasn't willing to let go. I was falling completely, forever, solid fucking love swimming through my veins. I wanted to be the breath in her mouth and the rhythm in her chest that beats for me only. I wanted to know the truth that would crush her. I wanted to hide her from that very same truth ad keep her with me. I wanted to see the beauty this world had to offer her. That was the fucking point of all of this. I wanted her sunrise and her sunset. I wanted to go back to being seven and kissing her innocence and her soft skin against mine. I wanted to go back to the first time I touched her and remember that feeling and live in that moment. I wanted to get rid of this ache in my chest and the pure fucking torture of being so close and not being able to have what I wanted. What I wanted didn't matter anymore. What she wanted mattered. That's the deal."


On to Bailey. Bailey is that perfect girl. That girl that is so obviously trapped in the demanded perfection of her parents that she looses her shit and takes off with the town bad boy. Her valedictorian speech was amazing. So kick ass. She is so kick ass. Her summer bucket list is epic. Bailey is a bit of a slow mover when it comes to admitting her love for Dylan which I get and she explains it very well. I get it, I really do. Her family messed her up in the head and she spends the summer getting to know who Bailey is because for the first 18yrs she has been Bailey, the parental version. Poor little chicken. Her dad by the way, is the most epic of douche lords. He is the Douche King. Ruler of All the Douche Nation. There's a secret in this book that destroys her and I understand how she reacts. This whole book is pretty realistic. I don't know what to tell you guys to convince you to go read it. The love these two have for each other utterly SLAYS me. It's so beautifully messed up and I want it.

My only issue with this is the ending. It was too quick in my opinion. I wanted more. I still want more. I want a sequel, no dammit, I want a series! I need to go run or something. I have a book high that's going to keep me up all night. Happy Reading everyone! I'm out. Oh and if you want more of my rampaging thoughts on books, check out my blog pagetrotter.blogspot.com! BYEEEEE!