Hard to Resist (Hard to Resist, #1)

Hard to Resist (Hard to Resist, #1) - Shanora Williams Couldn't finish. Big time DNF. The characters were simpering idiots, the male HEA is a douche, the "poems" were middle school terrible. I couldn't get passed the open mic scene. I would really like to speak with Natalie right now, "Nat, take a seat. You were cheated on by the first guy you ever loved. Girl that sucks. Whatta a dick. Take some time and wallow, it's ok! I know your roommate wants you to turn into a rage against the man ho-bag, but it's only been a month. Oh and Nolan? Ya he's super hot, but he also admitted to cheating on EVERY SINGLE GIRL he's been with. Red lights are going off everywhere. He also wants you to "fix" him? Natalie, no one should depend on you to make them better. They have to want it themselves and make an effort themselves. But, apparently your vagina is magic, since he thinks he can be monogamous for you. But what do I know? I'm just a rational human being." Also, I knew I couldn't continue when the overexcited puppy, I mean, the friend Brittany kept calling her a "poem writer," come onnnn! The girl is in college, use your big kid words, Brit Brit. Good thing it was only .99 cents so I'll just call this a wash.