Abby Road

Abby Road - Ophelia London Take a second to remember all the coming of age stories you have read. Now imagine that the main character was a HUGE celebrity. Imagine dealing with the death of your brother, a parasitic manager, and just general life kicking you when your down in front of the entire world. Well that's Abby's life.

When I first started this novel, I felt it was a little superficial, but not in a bad way. I just didn't think the heavy emotional aspect was going to be present and I was totally fine with it and it was this way for about half the book. And then we start to see Abby interact with people back in LA. We start to see how it is for her to be this huge celebrity behind the scenes. The funny, vivacious, witty, cool chick we meet in the beginning is whittled away to a brittle, high strung mess. It's painful to watch, but not only for us, for everyone in the novel. The fact that you begin to actually worry for a character shows the strength of an author's writing ability.

Abby has been through the ringer and it is only going to get worse when secrets are revealed and betrayals are brought out into the light. People she trusted stabbed her in the back. People who should step in and say something don't and Abby finds herself with a life that she has no control over. She comes into her own with the help of friends, family, and love but it is ultimately Abby who stands up straight and grows a pair. It's such a beautiful story and it has a lot of Beatles references which is AWESOME because I love the Beatles! I highly recommend it to everyone! Happy Reading, loves!!