Deeper We Fall - Chelsea M. Cameron From

I really liked this one. I may have liked Zan more than Lottie to be honest. I also felt that the blurb is a teensy weensy bit misleading. I was honestly expecting Zach to be constantly reminding/blaming Lottie of the accident and shoving her face in it actively when in reality it was just his presence that sparked memories she'd rather not deal with. Other than that I think all the relationships in this book we fantastic. I came to love everyone in their little family. I would like to see more of Lottie's roommate which I believe we will in book 2? I think their friendship progressed rather quickly all things considered.

I thought the development of Lexi's character was an interesting twist and I totally felt for her friends and family. I loved the relationship Lottie has with her brother Will and their best friend, Simon. It's very close nit and supportive. I love when the main characters have strong friendships and familial ties.

This whole book was about overcoming pain and guilt. Many of the characters learned to forgive themselves and I felt like the way they do this was very true and progressed naturally. Even though we LOVE Zan, Lottie struggles with her feelings for him. Her reasons makes sense and unfortunately she doesn't get the Zan POV chapters that we do.

And poor Zan, he's just an idiot over her. He's crushing on her so hard he doesn't even know how to speak to her and make her listen. I really wish we got more insight as to what he went through that past year. I would have liked to see his struggle with himself and his feelings for Zach more. I just really connected with him and felt for him, more than anyone else in the book. Weird how that happens lol!

Would I recommend this? Definitely, but be warned, it can be tears inducing for some. Looking forward to more from Chelsea Cameron!! *ARC received in exchange for an honest review!*