Eversea - Natasha Boyd from pagetrotter.blogspot.com

I have been reading so many duds lately and it's been really putting me off reading/blogging. Then I come across this little Lindt truffle of a story and now I'm obsessed with this writer. Girl, you write dialogue like how I wish I could write dialogue! Maybe it's because Keri Ann is so relatable. I literally found myself thinking responses before she said them. Or maybe its the relationship between Keri Ann and Jack which is wonderful. I want to hug my Kindle to my chest and sigh and squeal and all other fangirl things.

The relationship develops very well and although I thought Keri Ann falls in love a little too fast when I first read it, I now think it's in character for her. I can see where she's coming from hahaha! Who wouldn't fall in love with a dead sexy movie star who shows a vulnerable side of himself? I would. I would so fast your head would spin!

This most likely isn't the most coherent post LOL, but I can't help it. I'm just so excited I'm out of my drought! So let's recap all the high points: Keri Ann is super relatable and we love her because she's not a stupid/annoying weak ass heroine, Jack is sexy and manly without stomping around and growling "MINE!" and basically beating his chest (in other words he isn't some caveman parody of the actual male species), their story is fun and develops easily, the dialogue flows and is hilarious, and the secondary characters add to the story and have just the right amount of character development so we're not like "wait a sec, I like you more than the primary characters!"

Now. I will warn you. I'm sure you know where this is going. Here's a hint: it's a series. Have you guessed yet? Well I'm not telling you until Fall 2013 what the warning is! Get it yet? Yeah, you're getting hot.......

......there's a cliffhanger!!! AND IT'S A DOOZY!!!! For me this didn't ruin the whole story. Do I hate cliffhangers with the burning passion of a thousand suns? Yes, yes I do. I think for the most part they are a marketing scheme, insuring readers continue to read their books. It's annoying and it's insanely prevalent. I say all this and I still gave this book 5 stars, so think on it! Maybe add this to your TBR lists until book 2 comes out in November 2013? However, I fully recommend this despite the cliffhanger! So get your grabby hands and one-click fingers in gear and go get it!