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Escaping Reality - Lisa Renee Jones from

Ok so this might seem like another book on the FSOG bandwagon, but it's not. Or at least it's so good, you don't care. I have my issues with this book, mainly with Liam, but that's neither here nor there because the mystery in this book is so damn good. I felt paranoid the entire book and suspicious of everyone. Even the dude at Verizon they meet for maybe a second. The author does an excellent job of conveying Amy's anxiety and suspicions of everyone while keeping us on our toes as well since we know hardly anything about Amy.

I would think it's really hard to write a novel in first person and keep the true identity of who she is a mystery. That is some plotting, chica and I salute you! I am a mystery person. Criminal Minds is my shit so immediately I was hooked. It reads very fast and I think it's because you devour it in order to find out what happens. That being said the only thing that felt rushed was the relationship with Liam. Of course, Amy is out of her element with him and I can understand how she fell so fast for two reasons. One, she has no control in her life and doesn't even know how to begin to take control. Then comes this man who takes control without stripping her of her independence and makes her feel safe. How could she not trip over herself? Even though she feels like she's putting him in danger. Even though she knows she might have to leave at any moment. This brings me to my next point. She is one lonely girl. I can't imagine being afraid to make any attachments because you might have to leave at the drop of a hat or your afraid of putting them in danger. She's starving for a connection. Makes me sad. Hang in there, Amy!

Liam. Ooooh, Liam. I was kind of a fan. I was digging you and your tattoo's even though you could be a teensy weensy controlling you were dead sexy and I was into you. But I was suspicious from the get go and someone began overshadowing you a little bit. Not sure if we are doing teams yet, but I think I might be leaning towards sexy neighbor man, Jared Ryan.

Now. I will warn you. There is a cliffhanger. And it's one holy heck of a cliffhanger too. This is a series and I believe book 2, Infinite Possibilities, is expected October of this year soooo YAY! Not tooo long of a wait. Keep this in mind though, peeps! I warned ya! So what's my recommendation? Should you read it? Sure! Give it a go! I'm certainly a fan! *ARC received in exchange for an honest review*
The Ballad (The Bridge, #1) - Ashley Pullo From

Holy crap this book is so different and full of AWESOME!! First of all, she writes the story backwards. How cool is that? It begins with the characters being married with kids and its Chloe's 35th bday. Every chapter is a pivotal moment in their relationship in descending order. I devoured this. I loved this. Girl, you are a genius.

The author says that she wanted to write this like a ballad and she did. It reads like a song. The writing is so fluid and lyrical. Le sigh, I am envious. It's like some awesome montage of these characters lives together set to a Tears for Fears song and I. Can't. Even. Seriously, this is a diamond in the rough! I had to add the damn book to Goodreads so I could post this review there! No joke! I am calling this right now. People are going to lose their shit over this book and I can't wait to be all na-na-na-boo-boo I'm one of the first! Humble brags galore. Prepare yourselves.

This is a day later digest and I still am fangirling incoherently. Ugh. What else can I say? Chloe is so fun. She's passionate and embraces her feelings. She courageous, real and so full of life. Adam is intense. He feels without showing anything. His love for Chloe is never in question because of the quiet intensity in his eyes when he looks at her, with the gentle fierceness when he touches her, and the immovable amount of support he gives her. I mean, the dude is turning me into some kind of poet or at least makes me want to be all poetic. He kind of reminds me of Darcy but with a hot scar. Random comparison of the day :)

The realism of this book is astonishing. Pullo covers a lot of issues that are very common in relationships, especially relationships that are long term and she doesn't sugar coat it. This is such a breath of fresh air compared to the fantastical relationships that are out there right now. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy those too, but there is something about reading a novel filled with people who you can relate to and learn from. I totally got a high after reading this. I called my friend and gushed over it from a solid hour. I love coming across books that are different. It excites me because it opens doors for other authors who want to take chances too.

Also. I know this is such a minute detail to love, but I do and I need to share it because I have never found anyone who agrees with me. They both hate Green Day. I loathe Green Day. I swear when I read this I sighed and fell in love with them both. As a ridiculous music fan (I live and breathe it every single minute of every day) I loved all the music in this book. Chloe has my dream job. I envy you, fictional character, I envy your life. Grrr.

I don't know what else to say. If I continued, my coherency would just continue to go south. So first I have to give a shout out to Fifty5 Cent Book blog for popping up in my news feed with this link. Next I would like to tell all of you to go read this. Now. It's FREE on Amazon so even if you don't like it, it's freaking free. Go pimp this book out, Trotters! I want this author's mind to get blown with awesome feedback. Remember us when you're famous, Ashley Pullo!

Lifeless (Lifeless, #1)

Lifeless (Lifeless, #1) - J.M. LaRocca from

3.75 stars!!

I'm still on the fence with the rating on this one because all of the problems I have with book will probably be solved since it is a series. I reserve the right to change after book 2 LOL! Stuff I had a problem with: I felt like the relationship progressed very fast. The author fast forwarded the relationship a month without really showing any of it which is ok but since the relationship is heavily based on sex, I feel like an actual relationship should be more established in order to save it from becoming more erotica than romance. Overall it felt very rushed, I kept watching my progress on the Kindle and getting anxious when I saw how far I had gotten and nothing was resolved. This is a compliment to the author for sure. Also I didn't know it was a series when I read it so I've calmed down now lmao.

Other than that, I am really intrigued by the mystery surrounding Kade. He's pretty much the typical bad boy rocker with major issues, but I think what sets him apart is the stuff surrounding who he really is and his past. He throws a lot of bullshit around and what I really love about it is that Scarlett doesn't take any of his shit. This story could have gone in another direction if Scarlett wasn't such a strong presence. She's not a weak willed milksop that when faced with an alpha male completely bends to his every demand. She stands up to him and calls him out on his shit.

Jules is a solid best friend. I feel like authors are making the best friends crazier (read-slutty) and more outspoken with every book written because they need to be the ying to the heroine's conservative/virginal/studious/whatever yang. But Jules was a perfect balance of outrageous and intelligent woman. She had fun when the time called for it, but was also there for Scarlett when the shit hit the fan. I'm actually really interested in her story line with Brent as well! Looking forward to more of her in the next installment!

There's a lot going on in this book, but it never really gets overwhelming and the author gives you just enough teasing about who Kade really is to make you flip through the pages. All in all a very solid read. The fact that it is a series saves this from a lower score. There is a cliffhanger FYI, but its not one that has me gasping and chucking my Kindle across the room. If you like rocker romance with a realistic heroine and mystery than yes I recommend it. If you are trying to avoid series than obviously avoid it.

Now or Never

Now or Never - A.J. Bennett Hated the heroine. Hated the hero. At one point I was actually cheering when they "broke up." We know nothing about the hero except that he's a green beret. Heroine was in an abusive relationship for years, but bounces back and has sex the. day. after. she leaves the douche because that's in character for an abuse victim. Also "in character" for an abuse victim is all the rough sex between the hero and herself and she has no problems with it. Actually correction, I think when he chokes her she's like "hey stop, that bothers me because of before waaaah." I just think that for someone who was in an abusive relationship for three years your damage would go beyond saying you might never get in a committed relationship ever again and having an issue one time during the numerous rough sex scenes.

Her sister is annoying as fuuuuuck. Everyone in this story sleeps around for revenge or whatever excuse they use that day. Including a married dude and when our heroine finds out she's like "it's ok, I'm emotionally unavailable anyways!" to which I reply "is that why you are chasing after our hero like a desperate nutbag? because you're unavailable? riiiiiight." There were actually times I cringed at her begging and pleading. Ugh, shivers. And the guy is SO AMBIVALENT the entire time they are together and all of a sudden he's like "i love you." Come ON! I returned it immediately after reading the professing of love scene because my gag reflex started kicking in. Oh and apparently she has psychic abilities that tell her when someone she cares about is in danger or hurt. yawn.

That was probably a spoiler, but honestly if you make it that far I'd be surprised if you cared. Unfortunately, I couldn't stand the characters so much that it blinded me to any writing technique the author might possess. If you take this book on, good luck to you! I would suggest buckling up because your shit is about to get rocked and not in a good way!

Neanderthal Seeks Human: A Smart Romance (Knitting in the City, #1)

Neanderthal Seeks Human: A Smart Romance  - Penny Reid


Man, I am on a ROLL with books lately! Just finished this gem and holy hell I loved it. I think Janie is my hero. I have a crush on her brain! And let me tell you, this chick has a big one. It's about time that smart became sexy in the fiction world! I've read a few novels where the men are considered "nerdy" and the ladies are referred to as intelligent but the proof of this is only mentioned in passing. Janie's brain is so integral to the story that her trivia rants should basically be considered another character.

And oh how I relate to this! I may not be Einstein or have a photographic memory, but I am a trivia nut. Who, like Janie, spouts off facts when nervous. It's verbal trivia diarrhea. She's also one of the most oblivious people I have ever met, fictional or otherwise. There were so many times that I wanted to grab her and shake her. How could she be so dumb about something's and a genius about others?!

I think this was pretty genius on Ms. Reid's part because while we are living the ADD thoughts of Janie Morris we are able to experience the frustrations of people around her. Especially Quinn. I have literally never been so endeared by a character before. He is so baffled by Janie. His attraction to her is like a rubbernecker in a sense. You know you probably shouldn't stare, but it's just so damn interesting you can't turn away. Like a train wreck.

He's so patient as well and God love him for that. Although Quinn isn't really one to express his feels and we don't have any Quinn POVs, his intentions read very clearly. I love that when she gets nervous and begins her "factversation" (new word!) he listens to her and encourages her. He doesn't embarrass her or shut her up. I just swoon for him.

I just...I just freaking love them together. They remind me of Bridget Jones and Darcy. It's so awkward when they interact but so dang cute too. There's so much meat to this story, the layers go beyond just the relationship aspect. We've got intrigue, crazy siblings, growing pains (emotionally), suspense, danger, and lessons in friendship.

Speaking of friendship. The knitting club. Can I just say that I adore her friends? All of them. I would love stories for all of them (hint, hint ;). The secondary characters really round out an awesome cast of people. It's hard to find book so close to perfect. I know I shouldn't throw that world around lightly because this industry is so subjective, but for me this book was perfect. So thanks, Penny Reid! Can't wait for your next one!

Would I recommend this? See above LOL.

Branded - Abi Ketner, Missy Kalicicki This one was weird. I LOVE the concept and the action was fast paced. The world building needed to be a little more explicit. I wasn't able to picture where they were very well. I know it's life after WWV, but that's really all I got. I just wish there was more of a back story. Also the relationship between the main characters needed a little more evolvement IMO. I stopped about 80% mostly because I kept losing interest. I gave this one 3 stars for the first half of the book. I might come back to this one later.

Bully (Fall Away, #1)

Bully (Fall Away, #1) - Penelope Douglas Amazeballs. Simply amazeballs. That's really all you need to know. Go get it!!

The Nature of Cruelty

The Nature of Cruelty - L.H. Cosway from

Wow. Double wow. This book was amazing. When Lana was 12, twins Rob and Sasha move next door. She immediately clicks with Sasha and they become best friends. Rob on the other hand becomes her tormentor. And I mean serious bullying. So when we meet them 10 years later I was all for hating the little bastard. About halfway through this book I was convinced that Rob was an absolute dickweed and maybe unhinged and then we get to the first "interlude" where we see things from Rob's POV and I gotta tell you, it starts to make sense why he was such a little shit sipper. BUT we still kind of hate him and are a little creeped by his absolute focus on everything that has to do with Lana. And then the story continues to unfurl and we learn more about him and more about Lana and we begin to fall in love with both of them.

Lana has type 1 diabetes and is very shy. She was always the quiet girl who believed she was the ugly duckling (mostly due to Rob), but she's 22 now and she's grown into herself. She still has a long way to go, but she's slowly taking what she wants. She decides to spend the summer before she starts her PhD with her bestie Sasha in London. When she arrives she runs into Rob for the first time in 2 years. She's different and so is he and neither one know how to navigate each other.

Rob is wearing a mask. On the outside he is a frivolous, selfish, self centered dickhole. On the inside he's very artistic, thoughtful, and feels a lot more that anyone would ever guess. He loves his twin sister and is busting his ass to make his dad proud. We get to see glimpses of his past through these interludes and the more we learn about him the more we love/hate him. I don't know how I ended up loving him, but I did and after I was finished I had to shake my head because I was never so wrong about a character before. Or maybe I was right and then against my better judgement....I don't know. What I do know is that my emotions were in line with Lana's so as she struggles with forgiving him so do we. And that is some major writing talent Ms. Cosway!

Rob spends the majority of the book convincing her that he's different now and eventually apologizing because guys, he loves her. Like holy hell does he love her. And Lana has always loved him too. Sometimes you love someone so much that the only way to express it is to hurt the other one and that's what happens here. There is one scene where they are listening to Damien Rice's The Blower's Daughter (which major kuddos because that song literally makes me cry every time I hear it) that you NEED to play in the background while reading the scene. I promise you that if your heart doesn't just melt you can virtually slap me.

I don't even have anything to say about the actual writing because I don't think I can. I think the story enthralled me so much that she could have misspelled every word and I wouldn't have noticed. In addition we have an excellent cast of secondary's that round out the novel and I have to say that I'm a big fan of this author now. I'm hearing great things about her book Painted Faces so I'm probably going to check that one out next. So yes I would recommend this, big time recommend. It's not your usual love story, it's a story you end up loving despite yourself. Trust me on this peeps! Go get it!
Eversea - Natasha Boyd from

I have been reading so many duds lately and it's been really putting me off reading/blogging. Then I come across this little Lindt truffle of a story and now I'm obsessed with this writer. Girl, you write dialogue like how I wish I could write dialogue! Maybe it's because Keri Ann is so relatable. I literally found myself thinking responses before she said them. Or maybe its the relationship between Keri Ann and Jack which is wonderful. I want to hug my Kindle to my chest and sigh and squeal and all other fangirl things.

The relationship develops very well and although I thought Keri Ann falls in love a little too fast when I first read it, I now think it's in character for her. I can see where she's coming from hahaha! Who wouldn't fall in love with a dead sexy movie star who shows a vulnerable side of himself? I would. I would so fast your head would spin!

This most likely isn't the most coherent post LOL, but I can't help it. I'm just so excited I'm out of my drought! So let's recap all the high points: Keri Ann is super relatable and we love her because she's not a stupid/annoying weak ass heroine, Jack is sexy and manly without stomping around and growling "MINE!" and basically beating his chest (in other words he isn't some caveman parody of the actual male species), their story is fun and develops easily, the dialogue flows and is hilarious, and the secondary characters add to the story and have just the right amount of character development so we're not like "wait a sec, I like you more than the primary characters!"

Now. I will warn you. I'm sure you know where this is going. Here's a hint: it's a series. Have you guessed yet? Well I'm not telling you until Fall 2013 what the warning is! Get it yet? Yeah, you're getting hot.......

......there's a cliffhanger!!! AND IT'S A DOOZY!!!! For me this didn't ruin the whole story. Do I hate cliffhangers with the burning passion of a thousand suns? Yes, yes I do. I think for the most part they are a marketing scheme, insuring readers continue to read their books. It's annoying and it's insanely prevalent. I say all this and I still gave this book 5 stars, so think on it! Maybe add this to your TBR lists until book 2 comes out in November 2013? However, I fully recommend this despite the cliffhanger! So get your grabby hands and one-click fingers in gear and go get it!

Bad Things (Tristan & Danika, #1)

Bad Things (Tristan & Danika, #1) - R.K. Lilley from

The Up In the Air series was one of my greatest finds. It was everything that Fifty Shades and all those others should have been. It was well written, the characters were strong, realistic and developed, and the story line was fantastic. So when I heard that the series would continue with Danika and Tristan's story, I was over the moon. We got a glimpse of them in book 3 of the Up In the Air series and I was so curious about them. Especially about Danika and her limp. How the HECK did that happen? And James' little hint that it had something to do with Tristan? Yeah, I was salivating for their story.

Then I saw that it would be a three-part series and I was a little miffed. I can't stand cliff hangers BUT then I remembered that this was R.K. Lilley and she never lets me down. She also doesn't screw her readers with unnecessary cliffhangers so we will continue with the next book. Nope, we continue to read because we come to care for her characters and are interested in their story. So I delved in, feet first and was blown away by these two.

I love Danika. She is kick ass, funny, smart, and caring. She also knows how to handle Tristan which is honestly, the best part of the book. Their interactions are filled with humor and off the charts sexual tension. Let me tell you, many people can write a hot sex scene, but Lilley makes it an art form. It's descriptive and hot without crossing over into porn. And they're filled with feeling without any eye roll inducing moments. Do you guys get that I have a bit of a reader crush on this author? Cause I do. So, ok, we have Danika and we get glimpses into her past which is filled with dark moments and she has a younger sister that she carries around a lot of guilt for. We don't know where she is, but I'm guessing we will see her in the future.

Then we have Tristan who is probably right up there with James for me at this point. And this is only the first book so who knows? Maybe he will be my numero uno by the time I finish the second book. Sorry Mr. Cavendish, but Tristan is hilarious, sexy, strong, smart, caring AND hot in the bedroom in a way that I can definitely get behind. He has a crazy ass mother and a lovable brother. His love for his friends and family is probably the most beautiful thing about him. And he cares about Danika and for the first time he puts a woman before sex. He recognizes that she is more than a one night stand and to sleep with her would ruin their connection because he doesn't know how to do anything else. So they agree to stay friends.

That works....for like a minute. The more they come to care for each other the harder it is to mask it. Jealousy, insecurities and desire comes into play and breaks their resolve and so begins the growing pains of a relationship involving two people who make a mess out of relationships. Tristan doesn't believe in them and doesn't trust love and Danika is so terrified of being alone that she jumps from relationship to relationship convincing herself that she's in love with these guys. They don't trust each other, at least not all the way and combined with their issues, it makes for a bumpy road. There's also heart ache that comes from other people which brings on the tears. So have some tissue ready!

Would I recommend this? Um, holy Hell yes. I heading for a reread after I post this. Can it be read alone or do I need to read the first three Up In the Air books? It can be read alone, but I recommend reading the others at some point. Maybe while we're waiting for book 2 of Danika and Tristan's story?

This Girl (Slammed, #3)

This Girl (Slammed, #3) - Colleen Hoover From

I'm probably going to be standing alone on this one and while I love Colleen Hoover and the Slammed series, I felt like this final installment fell a little short. Male POVs of an already published book seem to be getting more and more popular. And that's really cool because who doesn't want to get inside their favorite book boyfriends head?! My problem is when you do this and there is really no new scenes.

With Jamie McGuire's Walking Disaster we got a lot of new scenes with Abby and Travis AND we saw a lot more of Travis's past and what he was doing when he wasn't around Abby. This was what I was hoping for with This Girl. This didn't happen for the most part. With the exception of the honeymoon scenes and some pre/post scenes of scenes in Slammed it was pretty much the exact same book from Will's perspective.

I'm sure though that this won't be a problem for a lot of people and that's cool! I just had an idea about this book and what I got wasn't it. Will does tend to wax poetic about Lake A LOT. Which I guess makes sense since he is a poet, but I got kind of tired of it. Maybe I'm being nit-picky, but I just felt like this book wasn't so much for the series or Colleen, but for the fans. I felt like after Point of Retreat the story was done. Even so, this still is a 3.5 star and it certainly didn't turn me off Colleen. I mean...its Colleen Hoover.

So would I recommend this? Sure! Just be aware that you are not getting a lot of new stuff. Will's great and his inner dialogue can be pretty enlightening and very, very sweet. So go check it out! ARC received in exchange for an honest review!
One Tiny Lie - K.A. Tucker From

When I found out that this book was Livie's story I was so excited. I couldn't wait to see how everyone was doing and I was extremely curious about Livie. She was such a strong little girl when we met her in Ten Tiny Breathes but I always wondered how she turned out so well when her sister was a hot mess. I was seriously not disappointed with this book. I think I might be in love with K.A. Tucker's writing style. I loved watching her find herself and take courage that just being true to herself was enough to make her parents proud. She makes some mistakes and gets herself into some trouble (the harmless kind for the most part), but these are growing pains everyone goes through to varying degrees. I especially LOVED seeing more of Dr. Strayner. He is one of the best characters I have ever read about. All the interactions with him are hilarious. I might have a little crush on him.

Now what can I say about Ashton? I think my reactions to him would be similar to Livvie's. I both wanted to smack the shit out of him and hug him tight. He is so strong and confident, but also has this heart breaking vulnerability to him. Did I mention how hot he is? Because good LAWD for a while there I was sure my Kindle would melt. Yummy. And when we find out more about his past, good God. I needed a cuddle. My heart broke for him, but I'm glad he had his friends and Livvie. He has a LONG way to go in this book peeps. Don't get me wrong, you're gonna hate him for a while, but he has his breaking point and takes his life in his hands. He turns all his wrongs around and really tries to get his shit together for Livie. I know I'm probably going to be in the minority for this, but I kinda get where he's coming from with some of his actions. Do I like or approve of what he does? Uh, hell no. But I get it.

We get to see the whole gang again and I have to admit I am really curious about Cain and Ben. Fingers crossed that we get stories for them! I think the ending was a little rushed and there was some things that I would have liked to be different. The cheating aspect for one, but this was their story and you have to swallow it as a whole. Even the bads. Thankfully the goods outweigh that for me and I just enjoyed it for what it was. Livie is a strong character and I trust her judgement in loving Ashton. She's sees the broken boy, but doesn't try to fix him. He does that on his own. But she doesn't put up with his shit for the most part.

I loved One Tiny Lie. I can't wait for you all to read it! ARC received in exchange for an honest review.

Both Sides of the Portal

Both Sides of the Portal - Craig Askham From

Let me start by saying that I am always impressed when authors are able to not only write a short story, but make it good! I find it incredible that Mr. Askham was able to pace an entire plot from beginning to end in 44pgs. I can be skittish of short stories because I usually feel like the story gets cut off at the knees but I felt like I got the entire picture. But I also felt like if the author wanted to, he could continue with these characters.

I liked that although it was fantasy the characters come across as very tangible and easy to connect with which considering that the story is set in a fantasy world is awesome. I loved the dialogue, I never felt rushed from the pace (again. incredible since it's 40 some odd pages), there is a connection with characters despite the lack of backstory, and the action is described with such precision that it is easily imagined.

It reads kind of like a video game? If that makes any sense. Anyone who has ever played quest games could relate I think. I saw another reviewer has mentioned this so I think I'm on track with this, but it honestly reads like you're doing a level on an online RPG hahahaha!

All in all a short, entertaining read. Not my usual cup of tea, but it's refreshing to read a science fic book that is not beleaguered with long winded prose and countless rehashing- so major points there. I do believe that this book has incredible potential for a series. ARC in exchange for an honest review.
My Deliberate Mistake - Claire Svendsen from

3.75 Stars

I don't read a lot of scary books because, well, I'm chicken shit. I had no idea that this book would go in that direction, but by the time it did, I was already sucked in. Ana is away at an art competition in bumble fuck Florida to try and win a scholarship to art school. Throughout this time she is plagued by her dead twin sister Julia. Julia's mission is to have Ana join her in crazy land.

Ok. This is usually where I go into detail about character's, dialogue, flow, blah de blah blah. I honestly am at a loss because on one hand everything that happened could have ACTUALLY happened, but on the other hand it could have been in Ana's head and I JUST DON'T FREAKING KNOW! I'm currently mind fucked. I guess what I can say is that it was a fast read because I was like," umm, WTF just happened. Julia, you evil watery slut. Or maybe it was all Ana. Or maybe..." There was a lot of or maybe's. Ana was no-nonsense which I appreciate in a character, but let me be clear. She is mentally ill. I understand why she did what she did, but still all the events in the book...I don't know if she caused them or not. And then the end. Ick. Gave me shivers. I just don't know what to think about her.

The one thing I didn't like? And if you read any of my reviews before you know where this is goingggggg......the insta-love. Insta-lust? Yes. I can get behind that. I just need more from my characters, I need to know more about them, before I believe in their relationship. I think Ana was just clinging to someone who made her feel safe, even though I wasn't a fan of Mark from the SECOND I met him. I think she mistook what he wanted as some form of caring and compassion which she sadly lacked. He took advantage in my mind. No me gusta. I was Team Noah when he first strutted onto the scene and was Team Noah until the end. I would have liked to see more of a progression in their relationship, but I don't think that was the focal point of the story so there is little time spent on it.

For me though, this is a minor issue. I was more interested in the weird internal struggle between Julia and Ana. So would I recommend this? Hmm. It isn't my usual cup of tea, but I enjoyed it in the sense that it kept me entertained and leery of water for a couple days. Honestly, it's not your typical New Adult. I do love the psychological aspect. The romance aspect I could have done without, but like I said, it doesn't deter from the core of the story. The ending was whoa baby. I can't even talk about it. I guess what I'm saying is that YES I would, IF you are interested in a psychological thriller with many twists and turns. Also really, really, jealous of that absolutely BEAUTIFUL cover art. OMG. I need to find out who did it. ALSO the editing was incredible. I could not find one mistake so yay!!!

I know this isn't my most coherent review, but I honestly do not know how to go about it. I'm just really glad I read it because I do like to go out of my comfort zone. I would just go into reading this fully aware that while it is New Adult, it is like nothing out there. Which is a really good thing. ARC in exchange for an honest review!
A Different Blue - Amy Harmon from

This book has been popping up all over my Goodreads and Amazon recommendation pages, but for some reason I've been reluctant. Maybe it was the whole teacher/student thing? Maybe it was the emotional roller coaster I knew I would be on? Either way, I finally broke down and read it last night and let me just say that I am so glad I did. I can't even remember the last time I legit cried (not teary eyed, full on cried) in a book. Maybe it was the beginning of Shadowfever when Mac thought she killed Barrons? I have no clue, but I legit cried in this book. I was heartbroken for Blue. Dear God, I've never wanted to hug a fictional person so bad! She's so layered, but the more she reveals of her past the more we understand her reactions and motivations. Her fear was so tangible that it made me anxious for her. "I was terrified that my story would end tragically." Gah, how do you not feel for her in a statement like that? She's tough and probably one of the most vulnerable people I've ever read about and I absolutely adored her.

Now Wilson. First name Darcy. I was worried that when this began it would be some trite forbidden romance between student and teacher, but not so. First of all, him being her teacher only lasted for half the book until she graduated. And even after it wasn't like that for a while. They truly were friends. We saw their relationship grow and change and it was exactly how it should've been. I loved that he didn't push her and was just literally THERE for her whenever she needed him with no expectations. He gave a shit when no one else did and I just want to face plant into his lap. I know, I was pretty eloquent for a while there, just had to remind you who was reviewing this! ;) ANYWHOOOO, yes I think I truly love anyone named Darcy. The story of his past is just as important to Blue as her own and when she finds it out her world is rocked. But at the same time Wilson comes to terms with so much in his own life, forgives and understands so much, while helping Blue. It's like they were healing each other and it was beautiful.

The secondary characters are fantastic and they are all important to Blue's story. Every single one of them teaches her something and helps her grow. Even the douche lords. I loved it. It seemed like the author really took her time in writing this. There was nothing unnecessary, no fillers, it was straightforward and precise. I feel as though she had to be to do everyone justice. I'm glad for it. The emotions in this story are very real and sometimes incredibly tough to read, but I'm happy the author didn't pull any punches. This is one story that is going to stay with me for a while and I'm glad. I recommend this to everyone. Please go read it! It's one of the best books I have EVER read. And at .99 cents I feel like it's almost stealing to be honest. I would have paid a hell of a lot more for this. I got so much out of it so thank you Amy Harmon!!

Delirium (Debt Collector, #1)

Delirium - Susan Kaye Quinn


Oh man, I think I found my next addiction. This is some good stuff. The main character Lirium's voice is so strong you are wrapped up in his world from the first sentence. The way the author unveils more of the world slowly, teasingly had me gobbling up this novella in about twenty minutes. I absolutely cannot wait to read the next one. The premise of the book is so different and I can already tell (even though the first "episode" is only about 48pgs) that the world building in this series is stellar.

If you are looking for the next sci-fi, futuristic novel with a hint of romance go get this now. I promise you, you won't be disappointed. If you don't go out and get the next one I will be shocked. Well done Susan, you created a fan within 48 pgs. Not many authors are that talented, I'm just so glad I had the opportunity to review it! Looking forward to all the rest of the episodes! I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend this.


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